My Story

(my first 35mm film camera)

     I could start my photo journey with my dad…He was always taking pictures on our vacations or of me playing ball and I always loved to see what he captured on camera. It never really became my passion however until I held this in my hands…my first SLR. This first photo would be where I really began to learn what photography was all about and it became more than a hobby. I was always fascinated by my dad’s hefty SLR camera, but looking back, I don’t ever remember putting hands on it. It was probably one of those things we were forbidden to touch as kids. This however, was mine. My prize purchase off of ebay for about $35.00. It took film, my dad no longer shot film, he upgraded to digital so with his expired 400 film, knowledge I’d read in old textbooks, his 50mm, a 28mm lens, and my prize camera, I set out to see what I could capture. This was in 2010 by the way…keep that in mind, not very long ago and there was definitely much greater technology out there. I wanted to learn and my budget was extremely limited. Shooting film taught patience…there was no instant gratification other than the experience of taking photos, I had to learn the relationship between the exposure triangle, and prints aren’t cheap, film isn’t cheap… I didn’t want to be wasteful. I limited my film experience to about 6 expired rolls of film. Nursing school took cash and I also had 3 kids at the time with number 4 on the way (5 kiddos total now, we are done lol). I was hooked holding that SLR in my hands though and knew I wanted more that didn’t require a constant investment in developing and purchasing film. Money again, a limiting factor…it always is though right??? After a ton of research I bought my first DSLR…a Canon 20d. Definitely not top of the line, but what I needed to learn and gain experience needed....don't laugh guys...first photo (scanned on a scanner and uploaded) with that fancy 35 dollar 35mm film first edition Canon EOS below :) Yes, I've definitely improved since then but I love this reminder from the beginning of my journey.


     Fast forward over 7 years…my equipment has vastly improved, although it's not totally about equipment, but what you see and feel. I've been in business over 6 years now as a photographer. I still love the mere experience of holding a hefty camera in my hands and photographing what I see. I love to capture the world in front of me though my camera lens. I love giving people something they will cherish. I’ve also learned in the last 6 years that the word “cherish” takes on different meanings in different circumstances. I graduated nursing school along this journey and practiced as a nurse for 5 years in the hospital in women’s services. I will never regret those 5 years, the money and time spent to get my RN license, and the many many intangible lessons learned. I have met some amazing people along the way and friendships that I cannot imagine my life without. I love people, love serving people, and here at the hospital I fell in love with birth photography, and here at the hospital I also took images for mommas and families who suffered great loss. Cherish….it takes on a whole new meaning with different experiences…it takes on a whole new meaning when life changes and the people that were in photos a year ago are no longer in them.

     Photographing this journey called life…whether that means birth, family, children, landscapes that provide an escape or bring back memories, and even in difficult circumstances…I enjoy the journey, the story, and attempt to capture a little piece through a lens that will be cherished. I also enjoy sharing my personal outlet…time outside and the simple experience of carrying around that hefty DSLR enjoying God's creation and photographing the beauty in nature that He gives. Just a few weeks ago I found the quote to follow….I love quotes and you’ll see them often in things I post. Before sharing though, thank you for taking the time to read a piece of my story, thank you to those that have allowed me to capture pieces of your story as well. And thank you for allowing me to also share the adventures I take with this hefty camera in hand. May you all find your passion, what you are searching for, and cherish "the little things" along your journey.

“There is so much beauty in these moments He is giving you. And even when you already know it to be true, sometimes it is the little things that remind you His never-ending goodness has never left you.” – Morgan Harper Nichols


and if you've kept up this long...a few photos...personal favs and great experiences :) :) :)


Where we live...Iconic O'neal Bridge which leads into Florence


On the job hazards...slipping on lube in the delivery room floor



Havasu Falls 2017...favorite hiking trip to date. 



Kayaking with one of my girls



My Favorite horse that gave me a concussion and a visit to the ER with a couple weeks off of work :)



My beautiful family's Christmas photo, courtesy of auto timer 10 second delay :)



One of my favorite places, even in the winter when the galactic center isn't visible in the sky



and finally...a self portrait through one of Stacey's fabulous little mirrors at Reclaimed Spirit where my local landscape art is sold. The stories some of these pieces could tell :)